Terms and Conditions of Hire

By transferring a deposit , you agree to abide by the following hiring Terms and conditions.

Deposit / Bond

To guarantee your booking, a deposit/bond must be made and received into the EFT account provided.

Your deposit / bond can be transferred via direct deposit. The bond will be refunded in full providing all items hired are returned in satisfactory condition. This reimbursement will be processed within seven days following the conclusion of your event. By paying the deposit/bond you are accepting the terms and conditions. Your deposit will be deducted from your final payment.Please provide us with your bank details (excluding credit card) so that we can return your bond.

Final payment is due 14 days before your event.


Should you opt to cancel your event prior to 14 days before the event date, your deposit will be reimbursed. If you have to reschedule your event, kindly inform us, and we will endeavor to accommodate the new date (subject to availability). If we are unable to accommodate to your new date, your deposit will be forfeited.

Final numbers / Alterations

Champagne Towers Melbourne must receive notification 14 days prior to the hire date if any alterations are required. We cannot guarantee that stock will be available if you modify your order.


All communication concerning the event’s logistics will be coordinated with the venue. Kindly provide us with the contact details of the venue 14 days prior to the event. For private events, direct communication will be directed to the client. To facilitate a seamless delivery and pickup process, itis advised that the designated contact person be present during the confirmed times. It’s important to note that Champagne Towers Melbourne cannot initiate setup without the area being properly cleared and prepared as discussed.

  • Once the tower is set up it remains stationary and cannot be moved.
  • If there are similar or identical glasses in design, please let us know so that we can start to distinguish it from the others.
  • Pack down – Venue/Client will be advised to place glasses in a provided container before pick up along with all other items belonging to Champagne Towers Melbourne together ready for pick up
  • The plinth and drip tray are separate furniture components. It’s crucial to keep them apart whilemoving, and handling with care is advised.
  • A public holiday charge will be imposed on Champagne Towers Melbourne dropping and pickingup fees.
  • If items are returned late or must be collected from an alternative location, additional charges maybe imposed.
  • It is necessary to return all boxes, packaging and related items.
  • If venue is located 30 km outside the CBD, an additional charge will be added to your invoice.Additional costs for transportation will be specific on your invoice.

Lost or Damaged Items

If the rental items are lost or damaged, the hirer will be accountable for the entire cost of repairing,restoring, and or replacing the damage. The bond is not going to be reimbursed, and any furthercosts to damages will be invoiced. Damage incurred by venue staff is also included in this. By signingthe terms and condition you agree to bear all expenses related to loss or damage of items.

Instances of a tower collapsing are exceedingly rare. I have never seen or heard of this to happen.

Champagne Towers Melbourne cannot assume liability for the negligence of others, including tower collapses, or any resulting damages or injuries.

Champagne Towers Melbourne does not accept any liability for spillage damage, this includes clothing. It is important to pour slowly and with careful attention to prevent spillages and splashes. We provide you with a drip tray to avoid this.

Prevention measures include advising guests/children to keep distance from the tower, dismantlestraight after the pouring and dispersing.

Upon set up of our Champagne tower we will brief staff/client and depart from the premises. Oncewe leave the premises the staff/client take full responsibility in relation to the tower.

Positioning of the Tower

We will make every effort to get the tower positioned where desired, however in the event of strongwind, rain, unstable dancefloor, humidity, high temperature, exhaustion, speakers or loud music, our cancellation is justified for thesafety of you and your guests. Ideally a plan B would have been discussed and potentially utilized.

Social Media and Publishing

Images of Champagne Towers Melbourne that are shared on social media platforms such asInstagram, facebook and tiktok must have a hashtag, tag acknowledgment to Champagne Towers Melbourne.

Any items utilized for publishing purposes must acknowledge Champagne Towers Melbourne.

Liability / Authorization

The hirer is accountable for all goods from delivery until collection time. The equipment is safeguarded by the hirer during storage, usage and waiting periods before pick up.

The use of our services or the items supplied by Champagne Towers Melbourne does not make anyof our affiliates or related parties liable for any type of damage, injury or loss.

Permits / Authorization

You are obligated to obtain any permits or authorizations, which encompass storage and placement.The failure to obtain the required permits or authorizations, as well as any breach of these conditions, does not make Champagne Towers Melbourne liable or accountable.

Third party

You must provide us with contact details of the third party, such as catering company or venue at least 14 days before the event. Once we have obtained these contact details it is incumbent upon thehirer to ensure that the third party comprehends the terms and conditions of the rental. The hirer is accountable for ensuring that the terms and conditions are in place before accepting them.

Site cleanup

Champagne Towers Melbourne is not responsible for any rubbish or goods left at the site.

Additional information

It is the responsibly of the client/venue to provide alcohol. We estimate with you as to how manybottles of champagne are needed. We do not accept any liability for the distribution of alcohol from the tower.

If a staff member is required to pour the tower and disperse the champagne then it is at an additional cost.

Terms and Conditions updated 22/08/2023

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